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Lost At Sea: Where The Octopus Is

Its finally time to find the last sea creature for Stardolls Lost At Sea campaign! The when you find the octopus, you get one in your suite!

Are you still trying to find the Octopus? Well the exact place for the octopus is below!


The octopus is hidden in the top left corner on the Mini Games page!!!


Good luck! Check back soon for one last Lost At Sea post featuring what the special end prize is when you find all sea creatures!

Lost At Sea: Where The Jellyfish Is

Have you been having fun with Stardoll`s Lost At Sea Campaign? Are you still searching for the jellyfish? Well look no further!

The magical and majestic jellyfish is hidden somewhere on Stardoll. When you find it you`ll get a cute jellyfish in your suite!


The jellyfish is hidden on the top left corner of the Beauty Parlor  page! (picture below)

Good luck! Check back for our next post on where the octopus is!

CrazygemStardoll Presentations Update

Due to recent glitches with CrazygemStardoll presentations codes, we wont be posting any new presentations on here. If youre looking for new CrazygemStardoll presentations, you can check out our newer blog on blogspot where all CrazygemStardoll presentations will be posted. Heres the link:

If you are not looking for new CrazygemStardoll presentations, then this does not effect anyone. 

Look out for more posts to be posted on this blog & our new one soon!

Lost At Sea: Where the Fish Are Hidden

Have you found the fish in Stardolls Lost At Sea campaign? If youre on Stardoll for awhile then it becomes a little easier to find, but if you are still looking for it then . . .


The fish can be found on the top left corner of the Contests page! (picture below)

Good luck finding it! Check back soon for where the jellyfish can be found!

Stardoll Lost At Sea Campaign!

I havent posted on here in awhile so im hoping to start posting again more!

If you have been on Stardoll lately then you probably have noticed their “Lost At Sea” campaign!

It`s a pretty exciting campaign to keep all dolls busy for summer! One of the most exciting parts of this campaign is the Lost At Sea creature hunt. We have to find a crab, fish, jellyfish, and a cute octopus to apparently get a special reward! 

Everytime you find one of the cute sea creatures, you also get a version of them in your suite! Still lookiing for some creatures? I`ll be posting posts on where the fish, jellyfish and octopus are soon!

Are You Excited For The First LE This Year?

A lot of dolls (including myself) have been waiting for the day to come! Earlier today Stardoll sent a message to every-doll saying LE Coming March 24th! It is super exciting!

This will be the first LE collection of 2017! Hoping it will be a great collection, are you excited for it?

Check back tomorrow! I will be giving a review on the best new LE items along with a dress up & makeup tutorial!

Crazygem & Presentations

So, today I was trying to come up with something new on Stardoll to post about. I decided, “What better to post about than Stardoll things like presentations and Crazygem?” Hopefully posting ths blog post will give me some more ideas!

Right now I am working on some brand new presentations to post. I will be posting them tonight & tomorrow, if you are looking for some crazy new presentations, make sure to check back! By tomorrow, you might also notice a new Crazygem presentation. We are working on a Easter/Spring inspired presentation for the club. When finished, I will be posting some similar club-size presentations!

I am also working on some brand new Crazygem games! If you have checked out the club within the last few hours you probably have seen our new Gem Festival Party Celebration discussion. A few minutes ago we posted a new game called What Gem Are You. 

Time to post some new presentations! Check back in a few minutes for some new presentations!

Wait! Guess The Song Spoiler Alert!

I just added a new Guess The Song question in Crazygem! The name of the new song to guess starts with Wor . . . . can you guess the next letters?
Check back later♦♦♦


CrazygemStardoll Magazine: Sneak Peek 3

Although it is taking a little long than we expected to release the CrazygemStardoll online magazine, it will be even better than ever! 
It’s been awhile since we have given another sneak peek of our CrazygemStardoll Magazine that we are working on. Guess what? Time for one more sneak peek! A few pictures to it are below!

I wonder what these pictures are for . . . ⏳😮

Check back later for my next post!

Stardoll “Woman’s Day Quiz” Contest Answers

Have you taken Stardoll’s Woman’s Day Quiz yet? You can find it in the contests area!

The quiz is a bit of a challenge. If you haven’t entered and are trying to figure out the answers, i’ve decided to share the answrs with you!

Wondering what they are? I’ve taken a picture showing the quiz, you can see it below!!! The correct answers are circled!

Have you taken the quiz yet? If so, did you get them all correct?
Check back later for my next post!

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