Have you check out our Post Contest FREE Strike a Pose, Wig and 30SD competition? Who do you think will win?

At the moment our 4 Top Crazygemmer Posters/Teams are:


Tiff_y, who is currently in 1st place with over 1,400 posts!


GirlPower30, who is currently in 2nd place, with over 1,400 posts too!


Nikitacandy5 and her friend ElephantsAc teamed up and are in 3rd place, with over 700 posts

HafsaNoorSecretHafsaNoorSecret AndTeaAayTeaAay_

HafsaNoorSecret and her friend TeaAay__ teamed up and are in 4th place with over 500 posts!


Who do you think will win? Do you think it`ll be someone listed above or a totally new crazygemmer who comes in and takes the prize? Comment below on your opinion of who you want, or think will win!