Huge thank you to EVERYONE who participated in the Crazygem Post Contest FREE STRIKEAPOSE WIG AND 30SD Raffle! It was amazing to watch since everyone was amazingly active in the raffle! And here`s a big surprise to second place: Since both 1st & 2nd place winners worked so hard and had so many posts, they both get a STRIKE A POSE! Are you ready to see the winners?

With 1,596 posts 1st Place goes to . . .
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Tiff_y! She won by just 80 more posts than second place! Congrats!

Second Place was just 80 posts away from 1st place, with 1516 posts 2nd place goes to . . . .



Girlpower30! Congrats!

With a team who made 826 posts, 3rd place goes to . . .


Nikitacandy5 and her friend ElephantsAc! Congrats!


With another team who made 660 posts, 4th place goes to . . .


HafsaNoorSecret and her friend TeaAay_! Congrats!

Congrats to our winners & HUGE thanks to all of our other participants. We couldn`t run CRAZYGEM without you! The effort everyone put into posting was amazing!

Check out for our next post!