Have you heard of the story of the, “Run-away Chocolate?” Well here is the story of the “Chocolate Who Got Caught” below!

I`m sure you all remember the chocolate town, LocoCocoCaraSweet, right? Well Caramel (the chocolate who helped the other chocolates escape and build LocoCocoCaraSweet) had a friend named Penguin. She was named that because she was a rare chocolate – shaped – penguin chocolate. Penguin kind of looks like the chocolate below:


One day, one of Penguin`s rare Young Hollywood chocolate dresses was stolen by another chocolate named Cat Burglar. Penguin followed Cat Burglar out of LocoCocoCaraSweet, and into Zootopia, which was where Cat, the chocolate loving cat, and her mother, Miss Kitty, lived. Zootopia looks like the picture below:

Cat was taking a walk around the neighborhood, right when she ran into Chocolate Cat Burglar. Both Cat and Chocolate Cat Burglar looked at each other. The Chocolate Cat Burglar ran away! The same thing happened with Penguin, then she kept following Chocolate Cat Burglar. A few moments later, Penguin ran into a chocolate factory. Next thing she knew, she was trapped inside a Hershey Chocolate Bar caged. Then Chocolate Cat Burglar appeared. ChocCatBrrr (short for Chocolate Cat Burglar) said, “I had a feeling you would try to find me and get your Young Hollywood dress back.” Penguin didn`t reply. “Are you afraid of me? Penguin? Hello?”


Secretly, Penguin had super-powers just like her best friend, Caramel. Caramel could fly, and zap electricity, and Penguin could fly and had super strength. They both only used their powers when they really needed them. Penguin then used her super strength and escaped and got her dress back!

Later when Penguin got back to LocoCocoCaraSweet Caramel and all of the other chocolates welcomed her back home.
But there are still pieces of chocolates she left behind. Can you help us follow her back to LocoCocoCaraSweet (chocolate town)? Will we honestly every know where LocoCocoCaraSweet is?

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