Check out the entries for our Crazygem, Valentines Desert Competition. Which desert do you think sounds yummiest?

By: stardollinsta

Desert: Pistachio and Chocolate Tiramisu
The pistachios alone has a subtle nutty flavor,but also pack a punch of a sugary salty combo,and them covering it with chocolate,whether it be white,milk,or dark chocolate,it creates a textural experience,you’d create almost a brittle out of it,which you would layer above the espresso,or hot chocolate soaked lady fingers ,and them topping it with whipped cream,and cocoa power on top is a flavor bomb that is innocently full of some of the some vitamins,and protein.

By: supersamantha16

Desert: 501 different tons of ice cream ,larva cake ,honey comb ,jelly ,50 different cakes and all made by the best desert person professional

By: kanuRainbow   

Desert: My desert would be mix color with lots of dry fruits.
There will be so much sugar so it will be so sweet. It will contain lots of milk and cherry. And we will eat tons of it.


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