Did you see our Any Suggestions? – FREE LE Competition in Crazygem? To all of our participants we`d like to say thank you so much for your suggestions and nice comments!:)

For the competition your task was to answer the questions that are listed below:
Do you like this kind of raffle?:
Whats Your Favorite Thing About Crazygem?:
Whats your opinion on the Crazygem presentation?:
If there anything that you think could make Crazygem more fun?
On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like Crazygem?

Some of the crazygemmers opinions answering the questions are listed below!:

By: munamoonluvsu1 

 1) Yes, everyone has a chance of winning
2) How active the owner is and the fact that everyone is treated equally, whether SS or non-SS
3) The multicolor thing you got going is the reason I joined the club!
4) This club is already perfection! Nothing more to add really; the owner is a great organizer
5) Just from 1-10? How about broke my scale?

By: larinhafofa2 

Yes I love it!

I’m still new here at the club, but I’m loving the prizes of contests and sweepstakes!

I love the colors I’m not sure of the text box but is very beautiful!

The club is good as well!


By: Wanderlust18 

1. I love raffles like this cause it gives people the opportunity to win something they normally would’nt afford! 

2. I love the Contests cause you do’nt have to do a lot of stuff to enter and its a really cool club were people can have fun 

3. I Think it’s great! The pres is really hard to make in a club (i think) so i think it’s awesome!

4. I Think it’s great how it is right now (i’m not saying this just to be nice). Members are active (the owner as well) and nobody likes a club that’s unactive!

5. 9 (I’m new here so i have’nt really got a lot to complain about)


By: CoolRachael

1- Yes. Because you have the opportunity to win something

2- I like the competitions even if sometime it is very difficult to achieve some.

3- Many colour (very crazy) like the club and i think it’s you (By the way i like your style)

4- I think you put more games and it’s difficult sometime to know who is the winner (for us) and for you to answer to all the games. otherwise the club is very active and awesome.

5- A big 10

By: CutieAnabelaa




By: RadaB

1.I love this club! It is generous and nice too. There isn’t much spam and the feelings about this club are the same for everyone, but some people can’t express it. That is why I love this club! Here people can learn how to express themselves.
2. It is my favorite club, because of how nice the members are. The contest prizes are Strike a Pose and LE items, wishlist items, wigs. And the members are very active and are so nice to one another.
3. Now… The Presentation… There is nothing bad I can say about it! It’s perfect for a club like this!
4.Maybe you could add more raffles and that’s it!
5. I would give this club a solid ten (10)! I would love to see how it gets bigger and bigger and bigger, so continue to make great content!


Question 1. I don`t like it nooo i love it
Question 2. My favourite thing about this club sre the special competitions that the owner does.The comps are so special i never seen this kind of comps but are cool
Question 3. I love the colors of the presentation it looks like an RAINBOW
Question 4. This club is amazing but it needs more scenery comps or comps only non ss or royalty
Question 5. 1000 i mean 10

Entry 8:
By: GirlPower30

Do you like this kind of raffle?:
Yeah, I think it gives everyone a fair and equal chance, so why not?

Whats Your Favorite Thing About Crazygem?:
Quite honestly, you. I have never ever seen an owner so dedicated to her club the way you are and so readily to spend on her sd on gifts for her members instead of on stuff for herself.

Whats your opinion on the Crazygem presentation?:
I think it suites the theme, but I don’t really like it that much because it hurts my eyes a little bit.

If there anything that you think could make Crazygem more fun?
No, I think crazygem is perfect just the way it is. But maybe comps that encourage making friends? I’d love to get to know more crazygemmers,

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like Crazygem?
Like 9.5

Thank you ALL so much for your suggestions & opinions. The entries we listed isn`t even half of the amazing entries! Over the weekend we`ll be adding new competitions, games or different things our crazygemmer suggested!

But just because this competition is over doesn`t mean all are! What do you think will be out next BIG COMPETITION? Hint: It will be something you`ll be teaming up on!


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