Have you checked out one of our newer competitions called Find Chocolate Eggs – 100SD Contest!

What is it about?:

For this competition, every day we will have 3-5 new tasks. Each task you finish, your earn 1 egg.First crazygemmer to reach 40 eggs wins a 100 stardollar wishlist gift! Other crazygemmers throughout this competition will get some surprise prizes. 


Which crazygemmer do YOU think will win?
So far the crazygemmers with the most eggs might have a chance. Or will someone new come and win? The highest scores are listed below:

  • Jintan – 19 eggs
  • Musareven & Tree1234 – 18 eggs
  • ElephantsAc, NikitaCandy5, and Happykittymiaow – 18 eggs
  • Estela-stars – 11 eggs

Who do you think will win? Or will it be you? Comment below your opinion!



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