What are YOU planning to do on Stardoll for Easter?

Thanks to Stardoll`s new Easter Surprise Egg hunt, we get to hunt for Easter Eggs to get surprises! Whats your opinion on it?

Where do you think the Easter Eggs will be hidden?

So far we are only able to look for the first egg, Pink and Purple color egg.

Hint: The pink & purple egg is hidden on the beauty parlor`s page!

Where do you think the next ones will be hidden? Do you think it`ll be a hard challenge to find it?

Whats your opinion on stardolls Easter Eggs competition? I think its really cool to get to design eggs out of something other than interior!
What eggs do you think others will do?

Have you checked out stardolls other Easter surprise? During Easter time there is always a new Easter themed chatroom. Whats your opinion on it? Its fun since it`s springy and eastery!

What friends do you plan to make in the new Easter chatroom?

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                          The Golden Egg

2016-03-23 02.43.25
Whats your favorite thing about stardolls golden egg?</span>
<span style="color:#fcce00;">They say you
ll get some goodies in it when you “Top up, or Buy Superstar” But what items will we get? What do you think?


All together from all of the Easter Surprises stardoll has given so far what do you think of it? Do you think this is all of the surprises, or are there more!?


Look Out For Our Next Post! Later we`ll be posting another Chocolate Adventure Story!