Have you collected Stardoll`s latest Easter Eggs from the Easter Surprise? If so then this outfit is perfect for you!

For this outfit all you need are 3 things. The following things needed along with how the outfit looks is listed below:

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For the outfit above all you need is:
 – Easter Edition, Dior Inspired Velvet Jacket
– Easter Edition, High Heel Colour Splash
– For this outfit i used my Special Offer, Ripped Fashion Jeans, but and pants/jeans will work.
– In this outfit I added a rabbit on the side, if you`d like to have it part of the outfit too, you can either use the Furry Friends, Rabbit for 6 stardollars, or the Black and White Rabbit from Furry Friends for 50 starcoins.

The total cost of the outfit about is about 6 stardollars. You can get the jacket, and shoes by finding the Easter Eggs in Stardoll`s Easter Surprise place!

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