Have you checked out Stardolls Easter Surprise page today?
<img class="alignnone wp-image-1301" src="https://crazygemstardoll.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/20160322_213959.jpg" alt="20160322_213959" width="545" height="307" />
s egg is the Pink Easter egg. (Closest egg to the right side of the picture above). Have you found the Pink Easter Egg yet?

Where its hidden: Stardolls Easter Surprise`s Pink Easter Egg is hidden on the left side of the screen in the chat/party lobby!

Sadly, the Pink Easter Egg  is the last Easter Egg in stardoll`s Easter Surprise. Have you got the strike a poses from the golden egg yet?

What do you thing Stardoll will have next!?

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