Have you seen Stardoll`s Celebrating 10 Years Of Stardoll celebration yet?

Daily Prizes:
Every day for 10 days theyll be giving away a surprise prize! For each day of the 10 days its representing a year. So far, were in year 1 (2006) and the prize today was a pretty pink dress. (shown below) What do you think tomorrows (2007`s) prize will be?


New Party Room:
Do you like the new party room celebrating 10 Years of Stardoll? It seems so fun and ready-to-celebrate! Some pictures of the new party room are listed below.

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What do you think of the party room?

Dress Up Competition:
Do you like Stardoll`s Dress Up competition where some dolls will even get featured on the “10 Years Of Stardoll” page!? Stardoll has always & will always be a dress up game. This competition celebrates the special tradition of dress up – ing your doll! 

Stardolls Share-Your-Memories Guestbook:
Whats your opinion about the Share Your Memories guestbook on the 10 Years Of Stardoll page? It
s really exciting for everyone to be able to share their memories on Stardoll! From new updates to new friends, there`s always something to do!:)11374050_877816262364202_1476397142_n

And last but not least, did you like the adorable 10 Year Celebrate teddy bear Stardoll gave everyone? It`s one of my favorite parts!:)


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