Whats your opinion on the brand new update to Stardoll`s chats?

Whats awesome about the new chat:
The chats now have tons and tons and tons of emoticons!!!! Another awesome feature for the chats is whenever your talking to a friend and they leave before you read what they said you can still read it till you close down their chat.:)

The one bad thing about the new chats are the colors. Now the chats are purple & white with no black. In my opinion, I liked the colors they had before because it looked nicer & now the chat sizes are much smaller.

(pictures of the new chat will be added later)

I`ve asked 4 friends to tell me their opinion for the new chats on a scale of 1-10. Their opinions/answers are listed below:

Happykittymiaow said between 1-10 she`ll give it a 4/10 because the new chats are a bit slow.

CutieAnabelaa says she`d choose about 7/10. She likes the emoticons especially because with an emoji no one can ever misunderstand you, but she says 3 points are taken away for new appearance of it.

Cool Rachael says she`d give it a 5/10, the new chats are okay.

Anaibas13 said she gives it a 10/10!! Mainly because she loves the new emoticons!

Personally id give it about an 6 or 8 / 10 because the extra features are awesome even though the colors arent the best.:)

SOME of the new emoticons are listed below!:) There`s still many more emoticons!

Whats your opinion on the new chats? Do you like them? Let us knew in the comments below!

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