Were going to be starting a new kind of thing that will be posted every few days. It is called Dress Up Like Your Doll! Thats because in each Dress Up Like Your Doll post, we`ll be comparing how Stardoll clothes are almost exactly alike some doll clothes.

For our first Dress Up Like Your Doll, i`ve dressed up one of my Stardoll dolls and now have tried to match her make-up & outfit to my Stardoll! They are listed below!

Stardoll Doll Dressed Up (in real life)
My Medoll dressed up on Stardoll.com

How alike do you think the two dolls look?

Here are the items i used to make my medoll`s  outfit:

Dot – powder pink blush

Dot – Frozen Gray Eyeshadow

Dot – Black Madness Volume Mascara

Stardolls Beauty Parlor`s Blue Eye Color

PnL Dress From Prettynlove

You can also use any hairdo you want to use. I used the short hair so you could see all parts of the outfit.


Look Out For Our Next Post!