I have had a few dolls ask “How do you make crazygem eggs with the letters on the egg looking good” So we decided to give a tutorial on how we design the Crazygem eggs. I have listed a few tips & steps on how to make a Crazygem Egg below!


First, use the shapes in the “Edit Fabric” area to make your design & make letters on it.20160514_010955

Once your pattern is just how you want it you might notice that any words you have are backwards in the preview of it. There are two ways to help your words to not be spelled backwards. You can either use the shapes to spell the word backwards in your pattern or use the mirror affect!

Mirror Affect

Before Mirror Affect                                        After Mirror Affect


Once you`ve got the letters the exact way you want them, add some colors!

Next, I color the gem/diamond and add more gems to make a rainbow gem.

After I finished the rainbow gem, I added a few extra things and changed the background color.

Once I finished the pattern, I put the egg exactly where  wanted it & zoomed it.20160514_011334-120160514_01133820160514_011353-120160514_011410

If you want, you can add a print to your design.

Then, click preview and if you like the preview of the design click create!20160514_011442

Normally, whenever i finish a Crazygem egg I send it to a crazygemmer, but you can do whatever you want with your design!
20160514_01203120160514_01204020160514_012112         You are now done designing your egg! We hope you liked this tutorial on designing the patterns. The way I design crazygem egg designs work in both Stardesign Fashion ad Stardesign Interior.

One extra thing, normally we surprise Crazygemmers with new eggs. . . but the tutorial of the egg we just showed you is the brand new crazygem egg design!!!!!!!
We will also be sending a few Crazygem T-Shirts to lucky Crazygemmers during May! To get a crazygem egg & have a chance at getting a Crazygem shirt, just post in our Club Guestbook asking & it`ll be sent to you as soon as possible!:)

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