Stardoll`s new collections in the stores like Other World and MAWI London along with their campaign for Alice through the looking glass seems so magical and fairy tale-ish! So we made up a story to tell you!

Some of you may know the Koolaid man. But do you know Amethyst the gem? If youve heard me use Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald as examples for competitions & games in Crazygem then you probably know who they are. Well . . . Amethyst is one of their other best friends! Your Might also remember Ms. Kitty, and the chocolates, Caramel & Penguin from other stories! Ms. Puppy and Ms. Bunny are Penguin and Caramels mothers!

Once, a  long long time ago well exactly 31 months ago, because Cat & the Chocolate adventures started . . . There was a cat. She was a cat who`s name was Ms. Kitty. One day, she went out to find someone to make a friend with. When she was walking around, she found a beautiful city named . . . Stardoll! The city was so beautiful, and was filled with many fun things to do!

Later that week, she decided to move to Stardoll city. On her first day there, she met someone who was not a cat. She was not a gem either. Ms. Kitty asked her, “what is your name?” She said, “I am Ms. Puppy. I am the mother of Caramel, my new chocolate recipe.” Ms. Kitty then said, “Oh yes! I heard of that new chocolate. There has been a rumor that one part of the chocolate is alive and will wake up whenever it is cooked.” Ms. Puppy then said, “That is not a rumor. That is true!!!!! The chocolates name is Caramel. I have not sold the part of chocolate yet." Ms. Kitty replied, "Woah! That is cool! I just hope i dont get her because she might run away!”

Ms. Puppy and Ms. Kitty became friends. They chatted every day! A few months later, Ms. Kitty went to the beach. She met 4 super cool people who were gems! Their names were Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Amethyst. They all had super cool skills!

  • Sapphire could make beautiful outfits and costumes
  • Emerald could paint amazing things.
  • Ruby was extremely smart and had super strength
  • Amethyst had SUPER SPEED & had an amazing voice!

Ms. Kitty became friends with all all of the gems! She had 5 best friends now. When Ms. Puppy found out, she got mad & her chocolate arms started flaming with fire! (Ms. Puppy was have chocolate and half puppy) Ms. Puppy planned to capture all of the gems and destroy them!

Later, Ms. Kitty introduced her Gem friends to Ms. Puppy. They became friends . . . or so they thought. Later in the week Ms. Kitty invited all of her friends to go to the Doll Beach. They were having so much fun, but when Ms. Kitty went to go get water, Ms. Puppy CAPTURED ALL 3 GEMS! But wait! She forgot about amethyst, who saw her capture them. When Ms. Kitty came back, Amethyst told her what happened. They searched everyone on the beach for Ms. Puppy till they found her . . . TRYING TO ESCAPE! Ms. Kitty said, “Why are you trying to capture them?” Ms. Puppy then said “Because I dont want to loose my friend." Ms. Kitty replied, "We can still be friends" Then Ms. Puppy said, "Nope sorry, I just hate ALL gems!" Then Ms. Kitty said "Will you at least release them?" Ms. Puppy then gave the gems back to her. They all thanked her. Before Ms. Puppy left, Ms Kitty said, "Before you go . . ." Ms. Kitty then ate part of Ms. Puppys chocolate hand.

Later, once Ms. Kitty got back home along with Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, and Amethyst, they started talking. Ms. Kitty said, “You know, I really love gems” Sapphire then said, ” Me too! Would it be fun to have a club about gems with no bullies?” Emerald said, “OMG Thatd be awesome!" Amethyst then said, "But what would we call it?" Ms. Kitty replied "Well were crazy and we love gems.” Then they all shouted “CRAZYGEM!!!!!”

And that is how crazygem came to be!

The End

What did you think of the story? Did you know that`s why chocolates hate cats? Was the story real? Well no. Could that happen in real life? Well YOU NEVER KNOW! What was your opinion on the story? If you liked it then see below to know how Koolaid became friends with Crazygem!


So if you join crazygem, you might just find some competitions!:)