Earlier I played a Nail Polish design game. Once I finished, I tried to see if I could make my Stardoll nails look almost like the nails I designed on the game. Check out how alike both sets of nails are!

nail art
Nail Design Game
nail art 2
Stardoll Beauty Parlor Nails

Here are the decorations/nail polishes I used on the Stardoll Beauty Parlor Nails.

  • blue flower nail sticker from Sprinkled
  • Red peony nail sticker from Sprinkled
  • Yellow peony nail sticker from Sprinkled
  • rose nail sticker from Sprinkled
  • Sea of stars royal turkos nail polish from Polished

I also played another Nail Salon game. It was after I did the other nails so I tried to math these nails to the others. (the picture of it is below)

Super Nail Salon

Whats your opinion on the nails? Do you think my stardoll nails could look more like the nails designed on the game?


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