We were designing crazygem eggs, and then decided to try and make a computer screen inspired design, to put on the lap-top design.
After designing for a few hours it actually worked! The picture of the finished design is below.

20160516_030258z (1) (48)

Here is a tutorial of how we made the design pattern!

  1. First, I chose the Laptop design. (but you can choose any design you want)
    20160516_03025820160516_030258z (1) (2)20160516_030258z (1) (3)
  2. Next, I created a new fabric. I made the background white and added 1 dark blue stripe. Once I added the blue stripe, I got a lighter blue stripe, turned it a little transparent and put it on top of the blue stripe.
    20160516_030258z (1) (4)20160516_030258z (1) (6)20160516_030258z (1) (7)20160516_030258z (1) (8)
  3. Then, I used circles, triangles, rectangles and squares to help make the widgets like the exit button, and the refresh button.
    20160516_030258z (1) (9)20160516_030258z (1) (10)20160516_030258z (1) (11)20160516_030258z (1) (12)20160516_030258z (1) (13)20160516_030258z (1) (14)20160516_030258z (1) (15)20160516_030258z (1) (16)
  4. After that, I used different shapes to spell the search engine`s name. Then I colored the letters.  I used squares to help me make the search part. I also turned the background black to help me see where I was adding the items.
    20160516_030258z (1) (19)20160516_030258z (1) (20)20160516_030258z (1) (23)20160516_030258z (1) (24)20160516_030258z (1) (25)20160516_030258z (1) (26)20160516_030258z (1) (27)20160516_030258z (1) (28)20160516_030258z (1) (29)20160516_030258z (1) (30)20160516_030258z (1) (31)
  5. Once I finished the main parts of the screen, I started working on the bottom of the computer screen I used circles and squares to help.
    20160516_030258z (1) (32)20160516_030258z (1) (33)20160516_030258z (1) (34)20160516_030258z (1) (35)20160516_030258z (1) (36)20160516_030258z (1) (37)20160516_030258z (1) (38)20160516_030258z (1) (39)20160516_030258z (1) (40)20160516_030258z (1) (42)
  6. Finally, I used squares to make a scroll thing on the side of the screen.
    20160516_030258z (1) (43)20160516_030258z (1) (44)20160516_030258z (1) (45)20160516_030258z (1) (46)20160516_030258z (1) (47)
  7. And your computer design is complete!!!
    20160516_030258z (1) (48)


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