Have you been competing in the new Miss Stardoll World 2016 campaign? What is your favorite part about the competition? Free gifts, special items when you buy super star, the special MSW broadcast, MSW Store, or all of it? I love all of the features, especially that this year the MSW color is pink!

Here are a few tips for everyone running for MSW 2015!

  • Play fair! Dolls who play fair get more votes, plus it`s against the rules to cheat!
  • Have a unique style. MSW also is about great style, but if it`s not unique you will look like every other doll!
  • An easy way to get a better chance at winning is to try to win the small competitions and then go onto the bigger competition!
  • Don`t get annoying. If you post in the same doll`s guestbook many times a day it makes others less likely to vote you!

Those are my tips on running for Miss Stardoll World! What are yours? (let us know in the comments below!)


Are you going to run for Miss Stardoll World this year?