There are so many newer dolls with such new & cool clubs! So I`m going to give a few tips for all of the new club owners. The first, and best tip on running a club  is to never give up on your club and work super hard!

Here are a few more tips below!

  • Ask all of your friends to join your club. If you ask your friends to join, ask them to ask their friends, your club is more likely to grow quicker!
  • Be active, if the owner isn`t active then why should the members be active?
  • Treat everyone equally, treating one member better over another is rude, and can also make you loose members!
  • Create fun and different competitions. The more games and competition means more members will be participating!
  • Don’t copy other club owner’s ideas, copying is against stardoll rules and is very mean, if you use another member`s idea, make sure to give them credit for it!

What are your tips for running a club? Let us know in the comments!