Best Starmovie is a really fun contest to run for. I love it because making the Starmovies to run are super fun!  Every Starmovie should have a fun story-line. Like a mermaid living under the sea getting superpowers, or cats eating chocolates, something different. People are more likely to vote your Starmovie if you had a fun and interesting Starmovie.

For any dolls wanting to run for Best Starmovie sometime soon, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure the Starmovie you`re asking dolls to vote is interesting and fun!
  • Post in guestbooks and broadcast asking for dolls to vote your Starmovie.
  • Ask all of your friends to vote your Starmovie

Those are the main tips for running for Best Starmovie. Sometimes it takes a few days of running to win. I once ran for about 3 days straight before winning! It might also help if you won another contest around the same week, then any visitors from seeing you a winner of another contest might come and vote your starmovie!

What are your tips on running for Best Starmovie?