I’ve had many dolls on Stardoll ask me “Where is the Mystery Symbol?” For thoses who might not know what i mean by “Mystery Symbol”, on Stardoll.com when you go to see your achievements, under the category Collect you’ll see the achievement known as The Net. When you scroll over the achievement, it says “Find and Click the Mystery Symbol.”

I have been wanting to do a post to show where it is for a while, but i haven`t seen the Mystery Symbol, until Yesterday. The Mystery Symbol can appear at any time, on any page.

The Mystery Symbol is always hidden at the bottom of Stardoll`s page. Here are a few pictures showing where it is hidden:


You can probably tell that the mystery symbol is makeup in a cute little purse! If you find it, click on it and you’ll get the achievement! Remember that it doesn’t always appear. It might every take weeks or months to see it!

Have you found the Mystery Symbol yet?