Are you excited to know the WINNER OF Miss Stardoll World 2016 I surely can’t wait! It seems like it’s taken forever. I assume Stardoll will be announcing the winners in a few days. Though, until the results, lets have a recap of all the awesome things that happened during MSW!

Free MSW Gifts:
For every doll, where we participated or not, Stardoll gave out 3 free MSW prizes. Even though they are great if you were running for Miss Stardoll World, they also are great to use anytime!

More active dolls & more dolls to make friends with:
More dolls joined and were more active during MSW so if you were looking to meet some new dolls, it`s even easier!

Running for MSW with friends:
Most dolls who were/are running for MSW have had a few friends also running. MSW most likely let you enjoy and spend more time with friends. Between the Miss Stardoll World 2016 chat, to helping each other run, MSW has made your friendship even better!

Learning & Helping others with Stardoll tips:
During MSW 2016, the more friends you added, meant the more friends you could help! Im sure you or some of your friends had fun learning new tips on running for competitions like Covergirl, or MSW, and giving tips on them!

Enjoying so much creativity:
During MSW there has been SO many AMAZING and beautiful suites, and stardesign creations. You can help but enjoy it!

Although there has been some bad parts of MSW, like dolls posting in your guestbook 20 times a day, and the broadcasts costing 8 stardollars, instead of 5stardollars, there has been MANY awesome parts of MSW. Its been almost a FULL month since MSW, are you excited for the winner? I surely cant wait!

What was your favorite part about Miss Stardoll World 2016?