A few days ago I remade the club presentation in my club, Crazygem. So i`m going to give some tips on how to make your own Stardoll presentation/club presentation code!

Making a presentation code is actually easy once you start. I learned how to make presentations by studying some of Charly__6__ s</a> presentations. After I started playing around with the codes for a while I started to figure out how to make them.
<li>Learn the code:
Try using a presentation code another doll made. If you start deleting and adding parts of the code you might start to understand it.If you start trying to learn the main part of making a code, then it will be easier to learn and add different things later on. Don
t forget to leave the credit if you used another dolls presentation</li>
<li>Make the code:
Making a presentation code from scratch isn
t really hard. One of the easiest presentation codes are below, you can use it to help you learn the codes easier.
<p style=”background-color:#FFFF2F;margin:auto;width:150px;font-family:jokerman;”>Hello I am Allcatsmeow2<p>
When that code is used, it looks like this:

Hello I am Allcatsmeow2


Presentations must have the 5 main parts. Background color, margin, width, and font family. Adding extra parts like height, borders, box shadows, and other extras become pretty easy if you have the main code.

By now, if you have learned and mastered the main basic code, here are some tips & suggestions on making super fun & creative presentations!

Normally it takes a little time to make a presentation but at the end its really worth it. These presentations dont only work on Stardoll.com, they can also work on other games! Do you have any tips for making a presentation?