I really love making competitions and games in my club. If you are a member of my club, Crazygem you might be able to tell. At the moment we have 184 competitions Or games! I love competitions & games so much I decided to share some tips on making club competitions & games with other dolls!

Club competitions are a very good way to attract more dolls to join & be active in your club. Most dolls love competitions, but if you are not a super-star and dont have enough stardollars/starcoins, games can be just as good!
<h2><span style="color:#000000;">Making a good game or contest:</span></h2>
If you are trying to do a big competition, or game then the best thing is to make it creative. If the competition is just another normal copied competition then most likely you won
t have many participants. When doing a big competition or game, its more fun when it is challenging, unusual and well thought out. Here are a few tips to make a fun game/contest:
<li>Make sure your contest/game has not typos and your spelling is perfect. It is hard to participate in a club if your don
t understand it!

  • Think of a not-unusually-done-in-clubs kind of competition/game. If no-doll has ever done it or very few have did it, you might have more dolls wanting to see what it is.
  • Think it out – when posting a special competition or game, make sure to think it out. Think of things like: What will your members have to do? Where will they post it? Will the competition have rounds?
  • Advertise Your Competition:

    Your competition must be fun to get many participants, but you also should remember to let others know about the competition so they can also participate! Here are a few ways to help your discussion get noticed:

    • Make the topic Hot Spot Topic – whenever you make a hot spot topic, Stardoll sends a notification to ALL members about it.
    • Broadcast – Broadcasting is a good way to get new members and old members to check your club. But if you don`t have stardollars to broadcast, there are many other ways to get a discussion noticed.
    • Post in guestbooks – Posting in guestbooks is a great way to get people to check out your competitions. If you post in someone`s guestbook asking then to join and tell them about your competition/game, you should get many new participants.
    • Tell friends – telling your friends is the easiest way to spread the word around about your competition. If your friends are interested then participate, other members might see them participating and be tempted to join the fun!


    What is your big idea for your next big competition OR game in your club?