Have you seen Stardoll’s new Halloween Quiz contest? In USA we celebrate Halloween a lot, so it was actually fun & easy! I just finished entering the contest, so I decided to share the answers to help the dolls that might not celebrate Halloween in their country, or might be wondering if they got the answers right. Here are the questions & answers for the competition. The answers are listed below after the questions!



1) Halloween is celebrated on this same date every year. What is it?

October 13 October 31 November 1


2) People usually dress up for Halloween parties by wearing…

Costumes Helmets High heels


3) What is the origin of Halloween?

A Mexican holiday honoring the dead
A Viking holiday honoring the gods
A Celtic holiday marking the end of the harvest and the beginning of a new year


4) What country started the traditions that led to celebrating Halloween?

Italy Ireland Indonesia


5) Kids go “trick or treating” to get…

Carrots Candy Money


6) Which of these activities is associated with Halloween?

Carving a pumpkin Painting your front door Decorating a pine tree

1. October 31st.
2. Costumes.
3. A Mexican holiday honoring the dead.
4. Italy
5. Candy
6. Carving a pumpkin


What were your answers on the contest? Did you get all of them correct?


Happy Halloween!
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