Many dolls use the broadcasting tool on I happen to be a huge fan of it, mainly because it can really help you get members fast in a club.

Broadcasting can be really fun & easy. If you are running for a contest, advertising your designs, trying to get members in your club or even just trying to get dolls to visit your suite, then they can be super helpful.

Although broadcasts can be VERY helpful, they can also cost a lot of stardollars. One doll can do 5 broadcasts when barely anyone is online. Another doll can do a broadcast when many dolls are online, and the doll who did the broadcast with many dolls would probably get about just as many visitors. Here are a few tips on how to make your broadcasts successful:

  • Broadcast at a time when many dolls are online. If you have a lot of friends online or see a lot of other dolls broadcasting, usually that means there are a good bit of dolls online.
  • Spread out your broadcasts. Make a broadcast every 10-30 min to get many different visitors. If you do 10 broadcasts at once, mostly the same dolls will see it.
  • Make creative broadcasts. Many dolls will broadcast the same thing as every other person. I`m sure you`ve seen broadcast like “covergirl covergirl”. Instead of doing a broadcast like that, you could change it to “chocolate covergirl”
  • Don’t make mean broadcasts. Even though Stardoll’s broadcasting tool is filtered, some dolls manage to make rude comments. Your less likely to get visitors if your broadcasts are rude.

Do you have any tips? Let us know in the comments!