Stardolls mini games are actually really fun! A lot of dolls dont play them, and don`t know how much fun & help they can be!

There are 26 games in the Mini Games section. Some have high-scores you can get, others are just fun games without high-scores! Below I have listed a few super cool things about games with high-scores and games without high-scores!

  • Games with high-scores can be very fun, especially for dolls who love a challenge. If you like a challenge, then trying to get a special high-score can be tons of excitement! Games that have high-scores can also be helpful if you are trying to win a contest, like covergirl. If you have a high-score in a game, it can help you get a few more visitors!
  • Games without high scores can also be fun! Most of the games without high-scores are games like Pixel Bead Art, Primp My Pet, Stardoll Birthday Cake and others like that. If you don`t want to be challenged and just want a relaxing and fun game, then games without high-scores are perfect!

Personally my favorite games are Math Challenge and Dress-Up Memory!
What mini games are your favorites? High-score games, or games without high-scores?

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