Have you seen the newest Voile collection? I just checked it and its amazing! Almost every Voile collection ive seen is beautiful! The dresses are so fancy and beautiful! It is the purrfect collection if you`re looking for an outstanding dress! My favorite items from this collection were the Feather Embellished Evening Top, All about Feather Skirt, and the Belted Feather Coat!

However, if you love the new Voile collection in Starplaza but don`t have enough Stardollars, or you are trying to save your Stardollars, there are a few other ways to make a similar outfit.

You can use the clothing items that you have to make an outfit look like one of the Voile outfits. Try pairing different things together to make a great mix of clothing & style!

If you don`t want to use the clothing items you have, start designing in Stardesign fashion or hair! If you try to make an something look like an item from the new Voile collection, it might just come out looking almost like it!

One of my all-time favorite dresses from Voile is the Metallic Evening Gown. Whats yours?
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