Making a scenery is so fun to make & can come out to look very amazing! The best part about scenes is that you can use the same item 50 times without having to buy it! Scenes where dolls have their arms, legs, or neck posed can be really amazing!

Although it takes a little while to learn different techniques on making a scenery, at the end, its all worth it! Below I have listed a few steps to help you make a scenery with your doll posing! These steps will be an example to pose your dolls arm.

First, start making a scenery. Use square shaped items to make the background.
Second, when you have finished making the background get 2 of the same dolls and put one exactly where the doll will be, save the 2nd doll to pose the arm.
Third, get a few of the same color square items you used to make the background. Put the second doll behind the main doll. Fix the angle of the 2nd doll behind the main doll to exactly how you want the arm to be posed.
Fourth, cover up the 2nd doll behind the main one with the same color square items you used as the background. Make sure to cover up everything accept the end of the 2nd dolls arm.
Fifth, use more squares to cover up the end of the main doll
s arm.

You can use other shaped items to do this kind of scenery, but square shaped items are normally easier. You can use the same steps to help on making other poses in your scenery. It might take a little while to get the pose perfectly how you want. Making a scenery that has dolls with poses in it can take a while, especially on your first time. Remember, practice makes perfect!

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