Running for Top Party Planner can be boring at first, but after a little while it becomes tons of fun! I`ve ran for it a few times and won before. If you are planning to run for Party Planner, try to pick a day when not many dolls will be on. The less dolls, the less dolls competing which gives you a better chance to win.
When running for Party Planner it can get SUPER FUN! Here are a few tips to help you run for party planner!

  • Make sure to talk & be friendly to everyone! If you start some conversations, it might just keep the dolls entertained!
  • Start many games! A lot of dolls have fun playing games. I`d say the most popular chat-room game is Dress Up Battle. Not only do dolls love it, they also sometimes have to win or play different chat-room games for Stardoll Academy!
  • Be nice, block & report any doll breaking Stardoll rules! No doll likes to be in the same party as a doll breaking Stardoll`s One – Stop – Rules!
  • Make many chat-rooms. Whenever your chat-room ends, make another one right away! The sooner you make one, the more dolls your might have from your last chat-room! If they liked & voted your last chat-room, they`ll most like vote this chat-room 5 stars too!
  • Ask your friends! If your friends are on, try asking them to visit your chat-room if they`re not busy! It might make the party more fun to have tons of your friends there! Best part? If all of your friends are there then you can take a group selfie!

What are your tips on running for Party Planner? Are you planning to run for Top Party Planner anytime soon?

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