3D Screens can be super cool! I was actually thinking about what to design in Stardesign Interior, when I thought, “could I make an item look like its in 3D?” So I went to Stardesign Interior to start designing, and its actually not hard to make a design look 3D-ish!

To make the effect, I used the colors black a white to see if my idea would work. It actually did! You can look at the picture below to see how my design turned out.

There was pretty much only one step to make this design. First, I turned the background of the pattern white. I next got a black square shape, made it a little smaller than the square white pattern, and put it on then. Then I got a white square, sized it down a little smaller than the black square. I repeated this sequence a few times until I was satisfied with it! Now you`re finished and have a cool item with a 3D effect, you can add extra things to the pattern to make it like an exciting 3D wonderland!

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