Just how the seasons are changing and fall is ending for winter to come for most dolls, outfits are changing just as much! What are a lot of the types of outfits dolls wear during winter? I`ve listed a few below to help you get into the wintery spirit!

Winter Colors:
Every country has a little bit of a different winter style. Most dolls wear darker-color outfits, like dark purple, reds, greens, blues. Other dolls wear brown, black colors or sometimes things that have an animal print such as leopard or giraffe print, and some wear a little bit of everything.

Most Popular Clothes:
A lot of dolls wear warmer kind of outfits during winter. Like sweaters, coats, and jackets. Some will wear earmuffs and scarves. Big, tall, and warm boots are normally more popular during winter.

What are your favorite kind of winter outfits?

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