Many dolls design wigs, and sell them all the time. It might seem impossible to make a wig as pretty as some dolls wigs, but after some practice, it doesnt seem too impossible!

Making wigs is easier than it looks. All you have to do is go into Stardesign hair and start putting hair pieces on your doll, and shape them perfectly to look like a wig. I have a few tips listed below to help any new dolls trying to design wigs!

Learn the basics:
I recommend using a beauty parlor hairdo, and then trying to use hair pieces to make a wig that looks almost like the style of hairdo you have on. If you finish that, then try making a small short wig without the help of another wig.

Trying more styles:
Once you`ve mastered making a smaller wig, then try to start adding to it. Like you could make the wig a little longer once, then next time you could add a braid, or make it look like your hair is being blown away by the wind!

It might take a few weeks/months to get the hang of it, but don`t give up! If you start out small, then you can get better and better, all it takes is a little practice!

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