I like Spotlight because posting pictures on spotlight are super fun & can be helpful if you`re running for a Stardoll contest. Why? Because you can take pictures of your rooms, doll and you can also get more dolls to visit your suite!

If Stardoll likes your photo, you might be featured on the featured category in spotlight. Any-doll that’s featured will be on Stardolls front page, also known as the Whats New page until they feature another Spotlight picture. By having your photo on the front page of Stardoll or even if its still on the featured page, many dolls will see you which means you will get many people to visit you which is super helpful if your trying to win a contest like Covergirl, Starmovie, or Scenery!

You can also try to get many of you friends to like your photos. The more likes, the closer to the top of Spotlight`s Trending page, which also means the more visits you will get! If you are featured & have many likes, then you will get even more visitors! Remember, it takes practice and hard work to make a purrfect Spotlight photo!

Why do you like spotlight?

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