It can be very tempting to spend all of your Stardollars whenever you get some, but sometimes it is better when you save them!

You might be wondering “why save them?”, well you never know when a special store like LE, or Strike A Pose is going to be released, if a new store might have something adorable that you really want, or you might be able to buy a higher priced item that you really want. If you dont spend your Stardollars just for a few weeks it can be really helpful!
Though, it might be very hard for you to save your Stardollars & not use them to shop, it
s a hard challenge but sometimes it`s worth it! Here are a few tips to help you save your Stardollars!

  • Try doing other things besides shopping, like chatting with your friends!
  • Think before you buy, do you really want it? Do you already have something similar to it?
  • Decorate you suite to keep yourself busy & enjoy what you already have.

Try not spending one Stardollar for a whole month, by the end of that month, most likely you`ll have tons more Stardollars, then you can buy your most favorite expensive things!

What are your tips on saving Stardollars?

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