Dressing up in your Christmas outfit can be super fun! It can also be fun to design your own Christmas themed clothing using Stardesign Fashion!

One of my favorite Christmas designs is a Snowman design, and a Peppermint Stripe design. I have a tutorial on how to make both of them below!

Snowman Design Tutorial:
1. Get 3 white circles, make one small, another medium size, and another huge. Put them in order from smallest to biggest, top to bottom.
2. Get 4 tiny black circles. Put 2 of them in the middle of the medium sized white circle, and use the other 2 as the eyes.
3. Use an orange triangle and turn it sideways for the nose.
4. Get 4 brown rectangles, and stretch them out a little bit, to look like arms.

Peppermint Stripe Design Tutorial:
This design is easy. Here are the steps:
1. Turn the background color red
2. Use rectangles and size them the perfect size for stripes.
3. Turn the rectangles white.

And finally, you have finished designing a peppermint stripe and snowman! You can also add a few of your own kind of decorations to add a little exciting fun! What is your favorite Christmas design?

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