The latest Pet-A-Porter collection is super epic! Every time that there is a new collection the animals are so cute! But the Pet-A-Porter store isn`t a regular store with cute animals, There are a few extra super cool things about Pet-A-Porter pets! Like how almost every Pet-A-Porter animal moves, blinks their eyes, or does something. Pet-A-Porter items can also be very rare. Many Pet-A-Porter items have been sold for hundreds of Stardollars

You might also notice something very unusual. When you buy your Pet-A-Porter pet, they probably look like a cute baby animal, but a few weeks later when you look at it they look older. You might also notice it`s grown a lot. With most animals on Stardoll they always look the same as when you buy them, but with Pet-A-Porter, the animals get older & grow just like real animals!

I love how realistic the animals act and look! What do you like about Pet-A-Porter?

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