Just want to say, Happy New Years to EVERYONE! So excited for 2017! Although some countries have already started New Years day, there is still a few more hours left till New Years here.

It’s so exciting for new years that we’ve decided to make some new improvements in club Crazygem ! Not only that but to start 2017 off in the club, we’re started a 50 Stardollar Wishlist Raffle!!! click Here to go to the club to enter it!
But wait!!! Thats not it! We will be making some changes to the CrazygemStardoll blog tonight! Starting tonight we will also start to post more Stardoll tips. We will be starting a new series of posts which will be called Stardoll Beauty Parlor Tips. In those posts we will be giving tips on giving your doll makeovers in the beauty parlor, and how to use two, or three makeup items to make a super cool color!

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!