If you read our last post then you probably read that we would start posting tips on giving your doll a makeover. For our first post on giving makeup tips, I wanted to share a few easy ways to use two eyeshadow colors to make one cool color. I have a few different combinations of eyeshadow colors below!

In the picture below, the eyeshadow on the left eye is how the eyeshadow color looks whenever you mix the Burgundy Brown Eyeshadow, and Deep Pink Eyeshadow from the Starplaza store Dot

In this picture I created a summery looking eyeshadow (on the right eye) by using the Summer Yellow Eyeshadow, and Hot Orange Eyeshadow (both from Dot too!)

And as you can see in this picture, I mixed the Regatta Eye Dust and the Stars Purple Eye Dust from the store Luxe to make a pretty dark purple color.

What do you think of these makeup tips?

Check back later for our next post!💎💎💎