There are two methods to use a presentation from a blog on your presentation. Many dolls use the method where you copy and paste the code onto your presentation. Personally, that way glitches a lot more for me. My favorite method is where you copy and drag the presentation. It took myself messing around a lot to figure it out, once yoiu’ve figured it out, it is super easy! I have decided to show a tutorial on how to do it. The video is below! more thing i’d like to share is when dragging your presentation into the other tab, make sure there is a white pointer pointing in the middle of the tab, like the picture below:

You can see a small white pointer about the house icon.

If the pointer is not on the tab then it won’t work. Below i have 2 pictures. One has the pointer at the front of the tab above the ‘back’ icon. If I released my mouse in this picture it would automatically open another tab.

In this picture below instead of a pointer it looks like a ‘not allowed’ sign which is in front of the refresh icon. If you released the mouse now then you would have to copy & drag the presentation again.

This method can also work to copy & drag pictures & words. Hope this helped!
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