Hello Crazygemmers!

I’m moonlight_path also the manager of Crazygem. I have hosted a competition called Crazygem Lookbook in which members can style their dolls according to the given theme and get prizes!

The first Crazygem Lookbook them was : Valentine’s Day
These 3 dolls are the winners for the first edition of Crazygem Lookbook!


FallonRose : I loved the styling a lot! I like the way how the Top, Outerwear all came in together. I am really impressed with this styling.I think you have a great color sense for the theme and I love your work! Featured above is your free graphic! Congratulations ♥


SportyNora15 : Nice selection of the doll! I’m in love with the dress! I loved the way your styled the outift with ” LOVE ” purse. Nice platforms too! I have only one suggestion – To make the outfit more dazzling, you could add a jewellery! But overall, your outfit looks PURR-FECT! for Valentines Day! Featured above is your free graphic! Congratulations! ♥


ninakilovaki13 : The outfit looks beautiful and gorgeous! It’s the best for a Valentine’s Day Prom ♥  The outfit would look more eye-popping if you had some jewellery. But, it looks fabulous!  Featured above is your free graphic! Congratulations ♥

Congratulations to all winners! ♥ ♥