A big part of Stardoll.com is having your own presentation! So since CrazygemStardoll is a blog about Stardoll.com, I sometimes post presentations & the codes for them to use as your presentation. Most pots with presentations in them are have Stardoll Presentation in the name of the blog post.

I normally post new presentations during the time when i`m making a new presentation for Crazygem (or for myself.) You can check out my Stardoll presentation to see how some of my best presentations have turned out. Click HERE to see visit my Stardoll page!

The presentations for your Stardoll presentations are actually pretty easy to use.

How to use a Stardoll presentation:
When you want to use one of the presentations posted on here on your Stardoll presentation all you have to do is copy the code (that is in each post with a presentation in it. The codes are normally below the preview of the presentation) and post the code onto your Stardoll presentation. 

The other way to add a presentation to your Stardoll presentation is to drag the presentation onto yours. To drag them, all you have to do is highlight the presentation you want to copy onto your presentation, and then hold your mouse down on the presentation and put your mouse over the window you want to go to while holding the presentation still. Then once your in the other window while still holding the presentation, put your mouse over your Stardoll presentation and it should appear. Both ways work but I like to drag  the presentations.

If you`d rather make the presentation yourself, you can check out a few of my posts to help make yours own presentation. A few of our best posts on making your own presentation are listed below (you can click on the names of the posts to visit them):

Check out our post Tips On Making a Stardoll Presentation Code

You can also check out Presentatiecharly.blogspot.com for more amazing presentations!:)


Look out for more CrazygemStardoll posts & presentations!