Crazygem is all about creativity and being different, so we decided why not feature some amazing & creative designs, sceneries, dress ups & makeovers right here on the blog?

Every day we will be adding some new creative things we have found made by our amazing crazygemmers. We have already found many creative designs, scenes, & makovers that we will be featuring on this page. A few creative designs are already featured below!

Check out this adorable these adorable designs!

Fish & Tulip design created by MissStyleGlam18

Shopkins themed Donut made by Ioli7204!

Skirt design by Trinastar230

Animal wig deisigned by: Sancia1234

Pretty Black Dress designed by: Sancia1234

If you would like to be featured with one or more of your designs just take a picture of it, post it in your blog and let us know! You might be featured on our Creative Designs page!



Check back later for more creative things! We`ll be adding new things daily!